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Maria and Joseph and Jesus Statue
Maria and Joseph and Jesus Statue
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Elegantly Crafted Memorials

Accessories can be as distinctive and tasteful as the memorials that preside over them. Each one as original and unique as one that preceded it. Newlands stone memorials provide a extensive collection of embellishments and gildings for your loved one's grave. You can choose from a wide range of plaques, statues, bronzes and lamps, vases and temporary markers. Our range of plaques include hearts, books, plaques incorporating photographic images, plaques for children and one-off special memorials for family and friends. Our selection of statues include porcelain figures, painted and coloured figures and bronzes. We have a diversity of solar lamps and bronzes to illuminate your loved one's grave. The vases available include a wide range of styles, including flower boxes that can be customised to include your own message. Temporary markers, including wooden crosses, plaques and unusual decorations for a unique memorial. We can also deliver and place your choice of accessory on any grave in Ireland for a small charge. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.